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Missy Dekay- Leading JAX Real Estate by Leaps and Bounds

With production of nearly $48 million over an 18-month period and an average annual closed sales volume of $25-$30 million, Missy DeKay has been ranked the #2 top producing real estate agent in the Jacksonville region, and recognized by several organizations as one of the leading residential agents in North America. The combination of her energetic, “people person” disposition and her very strong work ethic is what got her to the top. The fact she genuinely enjoys building her own business to her own high standards of customer service is what keeps her there.

JACKSONVILLE IS A SECRETLY COOL CITY – Jacksonville Times Union by Frank Denton

Simple demographics could argue that I may not be the appropriate contemporary arbiter of cool (certainly not of “awesome”), but — ahem — I would like to point out that my generation was present during the cultural mainstreaming of cool. We were cool at the creation. We get it, in our own cool way. So when I saw the Huffington Post headline about “five secretly cool cities,” I was ready to go there. Travel writer David Landsel was warning people looking to move to a cool city to avoid Austin and Portland and San Francisco because they’ve been so chic.